Healthy Dessert Recipes for July 4th | The Leaf Nutrisystem

Healthy Dessert Recipes for July 4th | The Leaf Nutrisystem

Announce your freedom from diet-obliterating pastries, and give these solid pastry plans highlighting a red, white and blue curve an attempt. Every one highlights new, occasional products of the soil not many other simple fixings. And keeping in mind that they make an impeccably themed treat to bring to devoted gatherings and grills, these solid sweet plans are too nice to be in any way bound to only one day of the year!

Attempt these sound pastry plans any day you’re needing a little All-American treat: This enthusiastic platter may resemble a conventional natural product plate. In any case, there are not many little subtleties that simplify this formula extraordinary. From white chocolate plunged bananas to the five unique sorts of organic product, our American Flag Fruit Tray is the ideal expansion to your Fourth of July merriments.

5-Ingredient Patriotic Cheesecake

Praise opportunity liberated from blame! Fourth of July is close to the corner and light and cushy cheesecake is on the menu. Utilizing only five basic fixings, you can create  this fast and simple occasion dessert formula that finds a way into your weight reduction menu.

Bubbly Flag Crackers are the ideal solid tidbit to serve at your enthusiastic gatherings. Including graham wafers finished off with sans fat cream cheddar and new, occasional berries, they’re loaded with nourishment… and flavor!


This Red White and Blue Pudding Cup is scrumptious and devoted all simultaneously. It has enhanced gelatin, whipped garnish and sweet, occasional blueberries… the ideal flavor and shading combo!

Patriotic Red White Blue Popsicles

Few out of every odd popsicle must be terrible for your eating regimen! These Patriotic Popsicles are merry, delectable and righteous. Including only two kinds of berries and some non-fat Greek yogurt, these delicious treats are as simple to make as they are to eat!


Albeit actually not dessert, these Red, White and Blueberry Pancakes are the ideal treat for Independence Day! Including your Vanilla Nutri system Shake and a couple of other straightforward fixings, these delectable hotcakes consider one Smartcard and one-and-a-half Power Fuels, so you can pick whether they fit in your day as a morning meal or a treat!

healthy dessert recipes

Liven up your Fourth of July menu with some invigorating, delectable (and Nutrisystem-supported!) American Flag Fruit Kebabs. It doesn’t get more energetic and sound as this. Not a grape fan? Sub in blueberries! Favor raspberries over strawberries? Trade them out! The prospects to make this devoted treat are interminable—thus, cool down this Fourth of July with some new and bubbly natural product!

Patriotic Booze-Free Sangria

Taste on a fruity, tasty and happy drink this occasion! Our sound sangria formula is liberated from alcohol however loaded up with delectable organic product like strawberries, blueberries and green apples..

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