Can Birth Control Cause Low Libido? | Maze Women’s Health Blog

Can Birth Control Cause Low Libido? | Maze Women's Health Blog

Did you know that your birth control pills could be the cause of your low libido?

Unexpected as it might appear, the little pills you began in light of the fact that you were having intercourse, are currently what could be the explanation you would prefer not to any longer. Contraception pills stifle chemicals in your body to keep you from ovulating, in this manner forestalling pregnancy. Be that as it may, they likewise stifle your regular creation of androgens, explicitly testosterone. They likewise increment creation of SHBG (sex chemical restricting globulin), a protein which will tie to testosterone and make it inaccessible for your body to utilize. Testosterone is the chemical most firmly connected to driving a lady’s moxie. The anti-conception medication pills annihilate your testosterone levels. (This is likewise why anti-conception medication pills will assist with clearing your skin).

Ladies are beginning anti-conception medication pills at more youthful ages. It isn’t extraordinary for ladies to be on contraception pills for 10-15 years. It is totally ok for ladies to remain on conception prevention pills for a long time, however it is indistinct what sort of harm this drawn out utilize can do to a ladies’ moxie. Some exploration has shown that even subsequent to suspending utilization of contraception pills, ladies actually have not recaptured their drive.

Ladies are told many symptoms of anti-conception medication pills, however loss of moxie is seldom, if at any time referenced. In case you’re encountering low sex drive, take our Desire Quiz to assess your side effects and find out about treatment alternatives

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